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FoH Insert

Mon. Insert







Small Boom Stand


Snare Top




Small Boom


Snare Bottom




Small Boom



SM81/Qualty Cond.



Small Boom


Rack Tom 1

Sm98 or similar





 Rack Tom 2

Sm 98 or similar





Floor Tom

SM98 Or Similar





Overhead L

Sm81/Quality Cond



 Large Boom Stand


Overhead R

Sm81/Quality Cond



 Large Boom Stand


 Bass Guitar

 Quality Active DI





Guitar S/L

 609/Sm57/Senn 441



Small Boom



 Quality Active DI





 Guitar (Centre)

Senn 441/609/SM57 Or Similar



Small Boom


Acoustic Guitar (Centre)

Quality Active DI





Korg Keyboard L

Quality Active DI





Korg Keyboard   R

Quality Active DI





 Accordion L

Quality Active DI



 Own Wireless System


 Accordion R

Quality Active DI



 Own Wireless System


 Vocal Andy S/L

SM 58



 Tall Boom Stand


 Vocal Alan   C




 Tall Boom Stand


 Vocal Graham S/L




Tall Boom Stand


 Vocal Accordion S/R




 Tall Boom Stand


 Vocal Keyboard S/R




 Tall Boom Stand








FX Return Rev L






FX Return Rev R






FX Return Rev L






FX Return Rev R






DDL return (Mono)





Alan Silson PA

System and Drive

PA system to be capable of undistorted sound throughout the venue with even coverage of all audience areas.  All system zones to be separately EQd and delayed as necessary.  Please ensure adequate coverage of the often much neglected area directly in front of the stage.  This usually entails a minimum of two small monitor-type speakers (generally run from an aux from FOH.)

Preferred Systems

In most venues a suitable line array system would be appropriate (or a good quality standard system. e.g. Turbo Flash D&B EAW etc.). For example in small concert halls and theatres compact line arrays (D&B, Nexo Geo, Meyer, V-Dosc, McCauley, JBL etc) are preferred.  In large sheds and arenas large line arrays from the above manufacturers are ideal.

FOH Console

Minimum 40 channel analogue (digital not acceptable) console with four band fully parametric EQ on each channel.  Minimum of 8 VCAs with at least 8 aux sends.  Preferred consoles: Yamaha PM 3500/4000, Midas Heritage 2000, Audient Aztec or console of equivalent quality.


Preferred Compressors: DBX 160A or good quality valve comps. 

Preferred Gates: Drawmer.


TC 5000 + Yamaha SPX 990 or (2 SPX 990)

1x quality Digital Delay Unit capable of up to 1500 ms 

Drive Rack

Please supply quality components e.g. 2 channels of 31 bands FoH EQ (Klark Teknik DN3600 or similar). Please note any peripheral systems e.g. time delays etc. must have minimum 31 band GEQ

Mini disc player

CD player

Please ensure F.O.H console is located in a suitable position (i.e. not on a balcony)


Monitor System Requirements (Monitor Console to be located Stage left.)

Please supply a competent Monitor Engineer who has a good understanding of the English Language. (Alan Silsons F.O.H. Engineer will assist where necessary)

Minimum 40 Channel quality analogue (digital not acceptable) console with 4 band parametric EQ on each channel e.g. Yamaha PM3500/4000, Soundcraft Series Five/Sm series, Midas Heritage, etc.

Each mix should have an inserted quality analogue 31 band EQ, e.g. Klark Teknik DN 360,XTA, BSS FDS 960 etc.

1x Yamaha SPX 990 or good vocal reverb (returned in mono).

7 mixes to include side fills are required on large concerts, 5 wedge mixes in smaller venues (see stage plan).

Drum fill requirement are for suitable sub i.e. 2 x 15 + monitor or mid/high pack

Other mixes including listening wedge should consist of quality identical 15 + 2

Minimum required wedges are 8 + drum fill (this includes cue wedge)

Mix Assignments as follows; 1) Guitar/vox stage left. 2) Guitar/vox centre. 3) Bass/vox stage right. 4) Keyboard (2 wedges) and Accordion S/R 5) Drum fill 6) Side Fill S/L 7) Side Fill S/R

 Alan Silsons FOH engineer will work in a competent and friendly manner with system engineers and is happy to take advice where necessary.  (Its your system you should know it well!).

In certain circumstances i.e. small venues etc, reasonable compromises are acceptable.  For instance, compact consoles, a reduced number of wedges on stage (minimum FXs 2x SPX 990s plus one dedicated digital delay, comps and gates as specified.) 

On the monitor system in smaller venues the inserts are not essential.

Please respect the above specification.

Alan Silson Backline requirements

Please supply a good quality Drum riser- should be approx. 30/40 cm (12/16) high.

A keyboard riser of similar dimensions would be an asset on larger stages.

Very solid and capable of carrying the following:


Good quality drum kit (Pearl, DW, Yamaha, Tama, Sonor, Premier)

22 Bass Drum plus pedal

14 (5 to 6 depth) snare drum (Wooden Shell) plus stand

12 rack tom plus hardware

13 rack tom plus hardware

16 approx floor tom

14 hi hat cymbals medium weight plus stand

16 and 18 crash cymbals medium/light plus stands

20 medium/heavy ride cymbal plus stand

10 splash cymbal + mounting

Medium size cowbell + mounting

High quality adjustable drum stool

Please supply the above with all hardware i.e. all pedals and stands and in first class condition. Cymbals to be Zildjian, Paiste or Sabian. A special mention for the drumheads. Please supply standard single or double play heads in good condition.

Please have drum kit well tuned for P.A. concert conditions.

1 x minimum 400 watt bass stack, Ampeg, SWR, Hartke or Marshall amplifiers with 1 x 15 + 4 x 10 cabinets

2 x guitar valve amplifier Marshall JCM 900, plus 2 x 4 x 12-speaker cabinet (Marshall)

Please ensure a spare valve amplifier is available should we need a replacement during the concert.

1 x Korg Triton Extreme Keyboard with Blue Tubes (preferably with 73 non-weighted keys). Our keyboard player carries his own memory cards.

1x keyboard stand for Korg

1 x keyboard amp and cabinet

5 x guitar stands (note 1 x acoustic guitar, 3 x electric guitars and 1 bass guitar.)

4 x very good quality vocal mics



Alan Silson Travel Arrangements

The promoter to be responsible for all travel expenses, i.e.

  • Travel to and from all airports (both in UK / Germany and overseas)
  • Airport parking fees
  • All forms of transport (flights, trains, cars etc.)
  • All transfers between hotels, concerts and any other venues (i.e. restaurants, radio and TV stations etc.)

The Band requires suitable transport for 7 people, luggage and musical equipment. This can be accomplished in many different ways i.e. tourbus, minibus + suitable cars etc. Please ensure that accomplished professional drivers are provided at all times (absolutely no speed freaks!!). Please note that apart from personnel, enough space for substantial luggage inclusive musical instruments must be available.

The Tour Manager will liaise with the promoter re. all travel, hotel and meal arrangements (this will hopefully result in minimum discomfort for all concerned). 

In most cases FOH engineer will need to travel to the venue before the band. This ensures the technical aspects of the concert are met before soundcheck (this facilitates a quick soundcheck and alleviates the band from hanging around waiting whilst any technical issues or problems are being resolved).

Should travel arrangements be problematical (i.e. a difficult itinerary etc.) all efforts must be made to ensure the comfort of the band and crew, this may entail the promoter pre-arranging day or short stay rooms, airline lounge facilities etc.

Where ever possible an absolute minimum of 8 hours should be allowed between returning to hotel after concert and embarking upon travel to the next show. We appreciate that this is not always possible but it is vital that the band get as much uninterrupted rest as possible between concerts.


Please ensure quality accommodation i.e. at least a top range 3 star international hotel inclusive breakfast.

5 individual rooms, preferably double rooms if the same rate, and 1 large double room are required for all members of the travelling party.

Food / Meals

In general apart from hotel breakfast the members of the touring party will require a full cooked 3 course meal (vegetarian dishes, chips, chicken required) either at the venue or a nearby restaurant either after the soundcheck or after the concert (meal times to be determined by travel and concert times and discussed with the tour manager).


Dressing rooms

Please ensure comfortable heated dressing rooms with adequate security (staff and / or locks) hanging space and private toilets, enough relaxing seats for 10 people and a good supply of fresh towels on and off stage (approx 5) 

Catering at Concert 

Sandwiches / snacks / biscuits etc. for minimum 8 people, some got to be vegetarian

1 case of soft drinks

7 cartons selection of fruit juices

10 litre bottles of water or equivalent (8 litres still water)

1 case of premium larger beer, approx. 20 bottles

3 bottles of dry red wine

Please ensure the above is available when the band is due at the venue


The correct promotion needs adding into the contract. All advertising must say due to legal reasons (as you know!!!) ALAN SILSON, Ex-Smokie. It is not permitted to promote / advertise the band as Smokie or Alan Silsons Smokie it has to say Alan Silson or just Silson. The prefix Ex is very essential and Ex-Smokie has to be in smaller writing than the name Alan Silson. The use of the known Smokie logo is also forbidden due to copyright, its a protected and owned trademark. Any songs of Smokie can be put on posters or any other kind of promotional material.

The organiser / promoter is solely liable and responsible for the correct promotion of the band as stated above and he also has to pass these information on to all parties involved, e.g. printing companies, ticket shops. Once again, should the promotion be wrong, intended or unintended, Alan Silson will not be able to enter the stage and perform due to legal issues. The organiser is obliged to pay the full fee and all costs incurred (receipts will be provided).



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